Tuesday, August 12, 2014

SwimZip Outfit of the Day #OOTD

I feel like this SwimZip #OOTD is my sons essentials!  He is always sporting these items (or something similar) everyday.
  1. One thing I love about SwimZip is that all the products are versatile.  Yes, a cover up can be used as a cover up and a UPF suit as a UPF suit, but theses items can also be used as layering pieces to go with anything!  Here I put our amazingly soft Sand Monster UV Cover UP as a sort of light weight jacket over a fun graphic tea...see what I'm saying, "versatile!"
  2. I have many loves in this world but I think one of the greatest is a graphic tee!  I don't know why but they are irresistible to me...actually I know why, look how cute this is.  My Little Love Clothing  is home to some of my favorite graphic tees for my babe, including this "Young Souls Run Free" one!  Like I said, "irresistible."
  3. Freshly Picked can do no wrong!  My little guy has a couple pairs of the these perfect moccasins and I can pair them with anything.  Featured today are the Chocolate mods.
  4. If it were socially acceptable for me to wear Little Adi + Co bummies I would everyday!  But instead I put them on my kid every chance I get.  Not only are these bummies super hype and camo but also on SALE (gasp!)!
  5. Not only an oldie but a goodie, Dr. Seuss is still our families go to books, right up there with any of the Arthur series.  Check your local book store or go to Amazon and pick up a copy (if you don't already have one), you won't regret it! 

Friday, August 8, 2014

SwimZip Fan Friday: Introducing Mason

Its Friday...you know what that means, Happy Fan Friday. Introducing 9 month old, Mason! This precious picture with Mason and his dad, Michael, was taken by Mason's sweet mama, Kelly, while enjoying a beautiful day in Chesapeake Bay, Deltaville, VA. Kelly said, "When planning for the trip, I was already concerned about sunlight on my baby's fresh skin but for me, it hit a little more home when picking out proper attire. Lupus runs direct in my family and my moms side has suffered for years. My grandmother had had lupus since she was in her 20's and she is now in her 80's. I wanted to make sure that Mason was well protected and make sure that I was being the best mom and keeping him safe. I came across SwimZip and was so happy! It is lightweight so it wasn't hot and best of all, it's precious! Mason was stylish and comfortable and most importantly, he was safe, and you can not put a price on that. This past weekend, I burned even after applying sunscreen three times. Mason was perfect  guess it's time for me to order some SwimZip for myself!"

Thank you Mason, Kelly and Michael for the adorable photo of Mason and in his Hampton's Getaway suit and wonderful story! We are so lucky to have SwimZip families like you!

If you want your SwimZip kid to be featured on SwimZip's Fan Friday Facebook, instagram or email us at Hello@swimzip.com with the#pickmeswimzip and tell us a little bit about your kiddo and why you love your SwimZip! 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

SwimZip Outfit of the Day #OOTD

The countdown continues for baby #2!  Today SwimZip's #OOTD is dedicated to all the sweet newborns!  I cannot tell you how excited, overjoyed, and in love I am with the fact that my family will be introducing another member to the family in September!  I cannot wait for my 2 year old to be a big brother and for my husband and me to be parents to 2 amazing boys!  So with any new baby comes all things cute and little and I wanted to share some of my faves!
  1. Ive said it before and I'll say (type) it again, I love baby TOMS and their "One for One" business plan!  I cannot wait to put these red baby TOMS on my new little guy!  The best part is not only are you receiving a pair of adorable shoes for your kiddo but also giving a pair of shoes to a person in need, so great. 
  2. The only thing that makes this onsie even cuter is that my 2 year old has a matching shirt that says "Big!"  Cannot wait to snag a pick of my 2 boys in their Big & Little shirts by Little Faces
  3. In our house it is no surprise that we are all about sun protection!  So you bet my new babe will be rocking his SwimZip Beach Boy Hat while he is outside, no matter what!
  4. Sticky Bellies is genius!  It is the best way to showcase big moments in you and your babies lives.  Sticky Bellies have stickers to document your pregnancy and every milestone in your little one's life from holidays, birthdays, and first steps.  This one featured here is called the "Milestone Sticker Set For Boys or Girls". (Also, what a great gift idea!)
  5. This product by California Baby is incredible!  All of their product are all organic (how great is that!).  This is the eczema cream  and I also love their sunscreen
  6. My 2 year old loves his Baby Jack Blanket so I am assuming the new baby will love his too!  These blankets are super soft and come have accent ribbon tabs for sensory play!  Cannot wait to cuddle with my 2 boys and their Baby Jack Blankets.  

Friday, July 25, 2014

SwimZip Fan Friday: Introducing Ava!

Yay for Fan Friday! 
Introducing the oh so lovely, 18 month old, Ava, wearing her Daddy's Little Girl SwimZip! Her favorite summer past time is swimming and throwing rocks (silly girl)! Ava and her beautiful mom, Tiffany, love SwimZip because it, "relieves the stress of constant sunscreen application! Especially in this Vegas heat...the sun is so strong here and now I don't have to worry about her precious baby skin  SwimZip is one of a kind, that's for sure!" We are gushing over this mother daughter duo and also over Tiffany's fabric wraps! Check them out at HERE.  

If you want your SwimZip kid to be featured on SwimZip's Fan Friday Facebook, instagram or email us at Hello@swimzip.com with the‪#‎pickmeswimzip‬ and tell us a little bit about your kiddo and why you love your SwimZip! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Momma T and Family SwimZip Review!

Here, at SwimZip, we love to reading happy blogs!  And this one, Momma T and Family, written by Trisha, is definetly a happy read.  Her adorable daughter, Sopheria, strutted her Sassy Surfer SwimZip in Momma T's SwimZip review and we love reading about how happy both mama and daughter were about being stylish and sun safe.  Read the full blog post here.
Thanks again Momma T and Family, we love you!  

Monday, July 21, 2014

SwimZip Outfit of the Day #OOTD

Just because my kiddo is a boy and I am expecting another, doesn't mean I can't look at adorable baby girl clothes!  I am in love with this SwimZip All Girl inspired #OOTD
  1. If I had a baby girl, she would be rocking the high pony fountain hair with a bow everyday!  I love these bows by Mark It with a Q, the bows are just the right six a and have great patterns and prints on them.  We are showing the Gray Floral Bow and a purple and berry striped bow. 
  2. Every little girl needs a ruffle cover up...just like a little black dress, it's a necessity!  This SwimZip Pretty Princess Towel is comfy, cute and keeps your skin safe from the sun, what more could you want?
  3. Etsy shops have the cutest accessories for babies!  Whether you need suspenders, bows, bow ties, headbands, you name it, someone makes it (and makes it fabulous!).  This precious Etsy shop, Little Highbury makes amazing headbands for little girls, and has great size and quantity options.  The white and pink and white stripped add some extra flare and are made out of organic cotton!
  4. Last, but certainly not least is this AMAZING outfit by Taylor Joelle!  If I ever have a daughter this is what she will come home from the hospital in, that's how much I love it!  This Triangle Baby Outfit comes in 3 sizes and looks great with everything (as you can see)!

Friday, July 18, 2014

SwimZip Loves Happily Hughes! Check out the latest SwimZip Review!

Happily Hughes is such a fun blog written by an equally as fun mama, Jessica!  From Fashion, makeup, recipes, fitness advice and amazing pictures, this blog has it all.  This week, Jessica featured a whole post all about SwimZip, and we could not be more excited!  you can see her adorable son all SwimZip'd up in his Hampton Getaway finest, read her whole post here